As I started my day at 2am this morning, I noticed that the barn lights were still on. That's not unusual, I'm sad to say. A farmer's life is filled with long days, but my three boys can't imagine doing anything else. This video explains why, perfectly.

This post is dedicated to my three boys; David, my husband, Andrew, my oldest, and Brandon, my youngest.

Their days are long, and the work is grueling. Cows don't take days off, or celebrate holidays. They will tell you, though, that the love of their land and farm is strong, and the job satisfaction is huge when they see a beautiful field of corn or soybeans, or a barn full of their cows producing milk that will grace someone's table soon.

The boys in this video are not my boys, but they nailed a day in the life of a farmer perfectly with their parody of this old Will Smith song.



If you missed last week's post, in which I introduced our very own set of very rare triplet calves born on Barber farms, you can read it here.

It's a good life, but the work is grueling. Would you be a farmer, if you had the chance?

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