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When it come to Airbnb's, there's the standard and then there's the extraordinary. Recently Cosmopolitan magazine set out to find the coolest Airbnbs in every state. Knowing that the past year has been challenging, to say the least, Cosmo wanted to give readers a list of those extraordinary places right in their own state to plan their much needed getaway.

Scoring the title in Michigan is this adorable secluded, yet so chic, Airbnb situated right on the banks of the Sturgeon River, in the adorable town of Indian River, Michigan. The water is flowing literally right outside your door.

Known as Fernside, the  A-Frame sleeps 4 and is incredibly decorated with modern and classic style with input from Lake Street Design Studio.  There is a bedroom on the main floor and another in the loft.

The home is made for relaxation and enjoying the beauty of nature. The description states;

" The open floor plan and a wall of windows keeps light in during the day, casting halos above the cabin, while at night it erases the division between inside and out, giving you the feeling of floating amongst the stars. The expansive night sky is especially clear on our deck, which hugs the river from above. Wildlife greets you each morning. Sometimes fish can be seen leaping from the water.
Our fire pit is perfect for lighting the way during dinners under the stars, created using our fully equipped kitchen or our BBQ. Take time to lay in the river, or on a tube tied to our tree, and after, use all the modern creature comforts we have in the house, such as central heating, A/C, or wifi."

The home rents for $287 a night, and is filling up quick for 2021. Check out the amazing pictures below. See the full list of The Coolest Airbnbs in Every State here. 

Fernside Airbnb

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