It's called the Eastern Flex program, and it's being tested at one Michigan high school.

Eastern High School in Lansing is trying something new with a small group of their students - a flex program where students start their school day at 3 PM.

They begin their day (or afternoon) with English and math classes, take a dinner break and then finish the rest of their classes online. The students in the flex program are running on a parallel course with the kids in the traditional program.

The reasoning behind this program is three-fold: kids can get more rest, they can utilize the building at all hours of the day and it also works out with internships and jobs.

Jerome Tiel, a junior at Eastern, told NPR that it's "one of the best changes in my life."

The program is going to expand to other schools in Lansing and, hopefully, other Michigan schools. What do you think about it?

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