Add this to the list of things that are NOT canceled in Michigan this summer.

Glenlore Trails is a psychedelic lights display deep in the woods (okay, not too deep) in Commerce Township that was created specifically for the purpose of entertainment during the coronavirus pandemic.

It was concocted by the folks at Bluewater Technologies in Southfield. The company usually spends their time putting on flashy auto shows and events for large companies; however, since COVID-19 hit, all of their events have been canceled and their equipment is collecting dust...until now.

“We thought there has to be something we can do with this equipment in a safe way. We called around to land developers and came across Multi Lakes, who loved our idea. They showed us all the different trails. We landed on one, cleaned it up and it became a great pivot for us to bring a lot of our staff back," Bluewater Technologies Executive Vice President of Marketing Scott Schoeneberger told MLive.

It's a family-friendly half-mile trail through the woods that are full of LED displays, light shows, and audio. And while it might feel a bit creepy because it's in the forest, it's completely appropriate for all ages.

The trail is open currently until October; however, most of the August dates are sold out. To buy tickets for September and beyond, click HERE.

Prices are $20 for adults, $10 for kids ages 3-12.

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