As far as I'm concerned, Michigan is filled with incredible places to raise a family, but one city has made a big name for itself recently. Grand Rapids has taken the top spot as the best place in the country to raise a family. partnered with our own Detroit-based Rocket Homes realty company to rank 150 metro areas and compile the list of the Best Place to Raise a Family. The group considered factors such as crime levels, school ratings, affordable child care, open spaces to roam such as parks and playgrounds, increase in households with children compared to those with high schoolers ready to leave the nest, and amenities for kids.

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The study noted that the list for 2022 is quite diverse including "college towns, suburban spots, urban locales and several areas of the Midwest, meeting the needs of the country’s many different kinds of families". Grand Rapids data on the study shows 47.9% of households with children and  $9,420 as the average cost of child care.

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Who Did Grand Rapids Top as Best Place to Raise a Family?

The final list was impressive, to say the least with cities coast to coast making the cut. Here's how the list played out;

Grand Rapids truly has all of the qualities mentioned as factors to consider for making the list. Just the cultural aspect with 20 museums and attractions including the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is a huge draw for families looking to put down some roots. There is also the downtown atmosphere for a bit of city life just a short drive from suburban living which is a key attraction as well.


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