A Facebook user was stuck at the top of Cedar Point's Valravn and documented the whole thing.

Michael Stiehler was visiting the park with his friends from Pennsylvania on Saturday when they got stuck on one of Cedar Point's newer coasters, the Valravn. The train stopped at the very top - 223 feet above the ground.

Stiehler decided to go live on Facebook with it - they were stuck for about 15 minutes, along with another train.

Valravn is the world's tallest drop coaster - 214 feet at a 90-degree angle at 75 mph. Everybody on the ride was fine, other than having to use the restroom. Once the ride started to move, Michael continued to film (even though this is against Cedar Point guest policy).

When they deboarded the train, they were given passes to skip the line at any ride, as well as meal vouchers.

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