Ask and ye shall receive, my friends.

We have two cats at home - an exotic and a rescue. And I'm honestly surprised that AJ hasn't purchased a Roomba, just based on all of the viral videos out there.

Cats love riding on Roombas. Whether it be for a ride to their food bowl or just for entertainment, the internet is chalk-full of videos of cats, enjoying their leisurely journey on the robotic vacuums.

As we've seen before with the Haribo gummy bears, the Q&A and reviews sections of Amazon can be wildly entertaining.

And now, there's this gem - a question that has, in fact, been answered about the iRobot Roomba 880. Thanks for the delightful info!


In case you have trouble reading the Q&A above, here it is:

How many cats can ride at once? Does cat riding deplete the battery faster or diminish cleaning effectiveness?

The top is slippery and cats slide off. You can glue astroturf to the top, but the cats still get knocked off when the unit goes under a couch. Because of the curvature of the top, if you want more than one riding cat, you have to put velcro strips on the unit and give the cats velcro socks. They will try to take them off. Estimate 15% reduction of runtime for every 5 pounds of riding cat.

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