There's a special place in Hell for people who commit crimes like this one. Or there ought to be. Zac Vawter lost his lower leg in a motorcycle accident two years ago. After a thief broke into his home in Yelm, Washington on Wednesday, he has lost it again. One of the few things that has made Zac feel better since his horrific accident has been his ability to get out and run on a custom-made prosthetic leg. Vawter was a runner in high school and college, and told MSNBC that "It's a freeing feeling to get out and run."

That feeling has been snatched away from Vawter. Along with a computer, camera and gun, burglar(s) took his specially-made prosthesis. "I don't care about the electronics things," Vawter said. "They're easy to replace. But the foot is fairly expensive."

The culprit deserves several swift kicks if and when he/she is apprehended. And a good stomping.