There's an art to making a great paper airplane, and it's especially important when a trip to Ft. Lauderdale is on the line.

On Friday, November 9th we'll give listeners a chance to fly from Flint to Ft. Lauderdale on Allegiant from Bishop International Airport.

If you are able to get registered, you'll need to start working on your paper airplane making skills. The person who's able to land their paper airplane on our Allegiant runway will win.

It sounds easy, but making a great flying paper airplane does require some practice. There are so many different ways to fold that make the plane fly differently. In the video above, the plane might not fly as straight as you need. Check out the next video for a smooth flying plane.

If you're looking for a speed demon that will fly you straight to winning the trip, then you might want to learn the folding technique below.

No matter what your paper airplane skills are, the first step is to get registered with Pat & AJ in the morning.

Get more details on how to get registered here, and watch the video as well . . . it's basically a "How Not To" video for paper airplane making.

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