So, you know, if living in a castle has always been a dream of yours... can do it without leaving Michigan.

There's a monstrous, 522-unit apartment complex in Grandville that looks like a castle. And yes, there are units available. Studios start at $700 per month, with penthouses going up to $4,500.

There are all of the normal amenities - a clubhouse, pool, fitness center, lounge, etc. What makes it castle-riffic are the plans for an 8-foot-tall cuckoo clock, a library, and a staircase that looks like the one in Beauty and the Beast. 

The castle itself is modeled after the Neuschwanstein castle in Germany. It was supposed to be finished last summer but construction has been pushed back. Once it's finished, it will reportedly be the second-largest castle in the world.

Wanna rent? Want more info? Click HERE. 

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