Maybe I'm just an idiot (which is entirely possible) but, I truly thought that the majority of the TGI Friday locations had closed down. But, clearly, I am wrong.

During a recent conversation with my friend, Parker, I learned that the TGI Fridays that once stood in Kalamazoo was the second largest in the country. Or, at least in Michigan. That's according to him.

While tracking down the square footage of each location proved to be nearly impossible, I did learn that the Kalamazoo TGI Fridays shut down in 2017. However, through my search, I also learned that there are actually 5 TGI Fridays that are still standing in the state of Michigan.

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Want to check them out and relive the glory days of our (millennial) teen years and early 20s? Here's where they're at:

5 TGI Fridays Still Standing in Michigan

Believe it or not, these once wildly popular restaurants are still around in the state of Michigan

And none for Northern Michigan! You can see all of the TGI Fridays locations throughout the country, their current menu, and specials on their website.

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