Whether or not you believe in ghosts, the stories from these places will give you goosebumps. 

The Stockton House

This Victorian mansion, which once belonged to the daughter of Flint founder Jacob Smith, and her husband, Colonel Thomas Stockton.

It's located on Ann Arbor street, a block north of the White Horse. Both the Colonel and his wife Maria passed away in the house. The night that Maria died, lightning struck the house, leaving behind charred rafters that can still be seen.

The location was sold to the sisters of St. Joseph, and then it became St. Joseph Hospital. After two decades, it became the Kith Haven Nursing Home. It then sat empty for ten years, when it was restored by a Flint architect in 2001. The building is now used as a museum, and hosts tours, craft fairs and other events.

When workers began the restoration, they began noticing strange things. People have seen a young boy who has identified himself as Jonathan, who is looking for his toy train. One woman told a tour guide that she couldn't believe anybody would bring a child on the tour when, in fact, there was no little boy.

People have heard strange noises in the house, but they say it's nothing malicious. When you leave the house, however, you are asked to say, "You will not follow me home" to the spirits.

The Capitol Theatre

The theatre, as we all know, has been undergoing renovations and will reopen later this year (supposedly). It's located right downtown on E. Second Street. It was built in 1928 and has been closed since 2000.

If you're a ghost nerd, like me, you'd know that restoring an old building is rumored to "upset" the supernatural inhabitants of said location. So, it wouldn't be a surprise that the theatre produces more spooky stories when it reopens.

People have claimed to see ushers and workmen roaming the aisles of the theatre, as well as hearing singing and moaning, and tapping on the walls. It was also reported that, back in the 90s, equipment would suddenly cease to work, even though the electricity was on.

Another person reported seeing a young girl sitting on stage, glowing. People have also reported seeing shadows and apparitions in the balcony. 

Maybe you believe, maybe you don't. Either way, enjoy this Halloween, Flintstones!

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