Because of course he did.

Grayling resident Colbie Wakeley had just been proposed to by her boyfriend of more than two years, Jake Lee from Hudsonville.

He had arranged for a romantic proposal at Saugatuck Dunes State Park last Wednesday night, complete with a "marry me" sign and candles in mason jars. What he DIDN'T arrange for was a surprise appearance by the infamous people-friendly deer that just recently made the news for crashing a beach party.

The deer was caught on camera, smelling the candles and photobombing the shoot. The couple didn't try to wave him away; he even allowed them to pet him, just like he did the beachgoers on July 6th.

Jake even posted this video to the naysayers on his Facebook:

The question is, will he show up for the wedding?

Big thanks to Colbie and Jake for allowing us to share their photos!

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