This flick will make you so happy, and it's so much fun to watch. We clapped in our living room at the end. 

Do you plan on bingeing on some Netflix over the weekend? Put this one on your cue.

We watched this throughout the day yesterday, and we couldn't get enough of it. Started it at 1 PM, took a break, and we kept saying, "Can't wait til the kid goes to bed so we can finish it!" #parentproblems

It's about three boys who, after seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark, decided to take the summer and make their own shot-for-shot adaptation of the film. Well, it ended up taking them more than ONE summer...SEVEN summers, in fact. And for obvious reasons, they missed ONE scene - the airplane scene. They could make the sets in their parents' basement, they could make Nazi uniforms out of Boy Scout uniforms, they even used a dog as a substitute for the monkey...but they couldn't muster up an airplane.

Until now. The documentary follows the trio of friends, reuniting, begging for money and shooting the long-lost scene from their original film.

We've seriously never been so happy throughout a movie. We clapped at the end. It's a must-watch. And trust us, when it's over, you'll want to see their original film.

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