Not really a surprise, but definitely good news.

The world lost a great animal activist when Steve Irwin passed away after being stung by a sting ray back in 2006. Now, his family is living his legacy.

His widow Terri and their two children, Bindi and Robert, have been busy with their very own Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital. They saved more than 90,000 animals, including many from the devastating brush fires.

The fires have destroyed more than 12 million acres of land and killed millions of animals, including a good portion of Australia's koala population. One of their most recent rescues from the fires was a fruit bat named "Bear."

‘Bear’ is one of the hundreds of baby fruit bats that lost their homes in the horrific NSW fires. We’re doing our best to treat every animal we can - but unfortunately millions of other creatures are not as lucky as this little guy. Thank you to all of the firefighters on the frontline - if you want to help, please support local fire crews . You can find out more about our wildlife hospital and how to donate at

Thanks for carrying on the legacy, Irwin family. Your dad would be proud.

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