Pure Michigan is giving you the chance to start an adventure by going on the Great Michigan Scavenger Hunt.

This is National Travel & Tourism week, and I don't think there is anywhere better to travel than right here in Michigan. The people at Pure Michigan agree so they started the Great Michigan Scavenger Hunt as a way to reward people for exploring Michigan.

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What is the Great Michigan Scavenger Hunt?

The concept is pretty simple, and based off of exactly what you would think of when you hear the words "Scavenger hunt." Cities from all over Michigan have joined together to give away a ton of great gift cards. They have hidden those prizes somewhere in their own city. The city social media pages will list the clues you need to find the prizes. For example, Frankenmuth is part of the hunt, so you can get your clues on the city of Frankenmuth Facebook page here. You just have to follow the clues to find the prize. You can get a complete list of participating cities here.

When can I start hunting for prizes?

The clues started coming out Sunday, and will run through May 8th, so the short answer is RIGHT NOW. Most city social media pages have put out some vague clues where the prizes might be hidden, so with a little sleuthing you can start hunting now.

What can I win, and how will I know if I won?

Each city is offering up gift cards to businesses located in the city. For example the Saginaw scavenger hunters can find a &100 gift card to Jake's Restaurant in Saginaw. You can find a complete list of prizes from each city here.

Don't forget about the #MIPowerOfTravel Vacation Giveaway.

The Great Michigan Scavenger Hunt is going on this week, but the Power of Travel giveaway runs through the entire month of May. You can enter any time by sharing your favorite Michigan travel memory on Instagram or Twitter and use hashtag #MIPowerOfTravel. Ten lucky grand prize winners will snap a Michigan road trip, full of overnight stays in amazing destinations, activity vouchers, and dining certificates.

This is the perfect way to kick off summer traveling in Michigan, so hopefully you will get in on the scavenger hunt and find some fun.


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