An Air Canada pilot is getting a lot of attention, after diverting a flight to Germany to save a freezing dog in the cargo hold.


The pilot, who is still unnamed, was flying a plane with 232 passengers on board from Tel Aviv to Toronto, when he noticed that the heater in the cargo hold wasn't working properly. He also knew that there was a seven-year-old French bulldog named Simba on his first flight down there.

A spokesperson for Air Canada said, "While a heater is not normally a critical component, on this particular flight there was a live animal in the hold. With the altitude it can become very uncomfortable, and possibly the situation could have been life threatening if the flight had continued."

So the pilot diverted the flight to Germany, where Simba and his owner could transfer flights. The spokesperson said that the original flight was a little over an hour late arriving to Toronto, but once passengers found out the reason, they were very sympathetic.