They both attended the Police Academy at the same time, and it's not because she couldn't find a babysitter.

But that is one of the jokes that Dion Reed was poked with while he and his mom, Maria, were studying to become Flint police officers at the same time.

"I always used to play cops and robbers with the neighborhoods boys and I was always the cop and they were the robbers," Maria told ABC 12.

"When I was in fourth grade, we wrote a plan of where we would be in 10 years and I put step by step what I would do and I put 'Flint Police Department,'" Dion said.

Dion is a Bendle graduate and a former football star, having played in college. He came back home to attend the academy at Mott with his mom. They were both sworn in and are out for training this week; Maria's first official day with the Flint Police Department will be this Sunday - Mother's Day. :)


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