The Memphis Police Department replaced an 11-year-old boy's Xbox after his home was burglarized. Tontrevion Campbell was at church with his mother on Sunday when his home was broken into. Many items were stolen, including his hand-me-down Xbox and all of his games. When the police arrived, they asked him if he would get a new one for Christmas. He said, "No, my mom doesn't have that kind of money, and all of the money she makes goes to pay the bills." He told the officers that his mom works long hours and several jobs, and he wasn't even "going to ask."  

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Posted by Memphis Police Department est.1827 on Sunday, November 29, 2015

According to their Facebook page, the police wanted to do something to brighten up this boy's holiday. When the officers returned to his house with the new Xbox, Tontrevion and his mom were moved to tears. The officers asked him if it was like his previous Xbox, and he said, "No, mine was older."

“Just to be able to alleviate some of his stress, just of that day, and actually help that family in this time, like Christmas, it really was an overwhelming feeling,” Officer Martin told WMC.

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