Koko got a pretty cool present for her 44th birthday: new kittens!

I remember learning about Koko back in elementary school. Can you believe that she's 44-years-old? In case you need a refresher, she's the world famous gorilla who can "speak" via sign language. She has a vocabulary of more than a thousand words, and she's captivated the world.

Koko has had pet kittens before, including a gray kitten named All Ball. When All Ball escaped and got hit by a car, the world mourned with Koko. She signed "cry," "frown" and "trouble." Her loss became the subject of a children's book called "Koko's Kittens."

For her birthday, her caregivers brought her a box full of kittens, and she was allowed to keep two of them. *swoon* Cutest video I've seen in a long time!

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