This family made lemonade out of lemons because you can NOT miss a 100th birthday party, right?

Saginaw resident Carmen Lopez celebrated a huge milestone last week by celebrating her centennial birthday; however, even though coronavirus has ruined everything else this year, her daughter wasn't going to let this day go by without being noticed.

Originally, they had a huge family party planned for Carmen, which was obviously canceled. Instead, her daughter Gloria sent out invitations for a drive-by parade in front of her house, where her mom lives with her.

Carmen has been a lifelong resident of Saginaw; she raised all three of her children there who are now 82, 72 and 71-years-old. She lived by herself after her husband died in 1990, but recently moved in with her daughter.

Gloria also arranged for a mariachi band to sing to her mom while she watched from the porch, with a crown on, behind a banner that said, "Happy 100th Birthday Mom!"

We looooove this story. It really doesn't take much to think outside of the box; especially now, when the entire world is doing the same thing. A drive-by parade is a fantastic idea that's been used quite a bit since the pandemic started; add a mariachi band to celebrate the birthday girl's heritage and you've got a full-blown pandemic party.

Happy belated birthday, Carmen! Thanks for sticking around through more than most of us will ever live to see, and we hope that you enjoyed your "party!"

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