"I'll either sit close to her or be close by so she gets used to people. The whole purpose is to socialize her."

Dr. Andy Mathis, a veterinarian at Granite Hills Animal Care in Elberton, Georgia, has taken to eating his breakfast in a cage...with a dog named Graycie.

She was brought in  as a stray two weeks ago, emaciated with hypothermia, anemia and a vaginal prolapse. Staff thought that they might have to euthanize her, but they wanted to see if she still had the will to live. So they decided to care for her, but they had another challenge - she wasn't comfortable around people.

"She'll let you pet her, but she won't come up to you," he said to the Huffington Post of Graycie's behavior. "She won't really walk with you -- she sort of walks as if she's trying to get away from you."

So he decided to start eating breakfast with her. Right next to her, out of a doggie bowl of his own. He said that progress with her is slow, but he'll continue to try and socialize her until she's ready to be adopted.

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