Carl Bates, an Illinois farmer, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, and couldn't harvest his crops this fall. So his fellow farmers reached out to help.

So, on September 25th, 40 people arrived at Carl’s farm with 10 corn combines, 12 super-sized grain carts and 16 semi trucks.

Local businesses and volunteers extended offerings of food and beverage to keep the farmers fed, as well as extra equipment. A task that would normally take Carl a whole week to finish, took the volunteers only ten hours.

Carl even hopped into his pickup truck to drive around and thank the volunteers.

Carl's cousin Jason Bates told Today, "With all the kind thoughts and prayers, it's been very humbling and heartfelt and has meant a lot to the family. We are all dumbfounded that this story has traveled so far and done so much."

This is a perfect example of the good news!

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