"A reminder that we will not let diabetes win, that we will never give up, and that we will always fight for our children."

This is Jedi, a diabetes-sniffing labrador. He's in charge of 7-year-old Luke, who has type 1 diabetes and has potentially dangerous changes in his blood sugar while he sleeps at night.

Last week, Jedi knew something was wrong, so he attempted to wake up Luke's parents. He jumped on the bed and, when Luke's mom Dottie wouldn't wake up, he actually laid on her. "Then Jedi laid on me ... I suddenly was fully awake and I knew there was an issue," she said in a Facebook post.

She was able to manage his blood sugar and get him the glucose that he needed. Dottie said that she shared the post on Facebook to help other parents, because children with type 1 diabetes often go undiagnosed for long amounts of time.

Her post was also to inform people that there are hundreds of diabetes service dogs in the United States that are trained to sniff out dangerous blood sugar changes in people. A lot of times, they are more accurate than machines.

Luke and his Jedi...perfect. :) You can follow their journey together HERE.