If the rumors are true, Zeeland, Michigan (near Holland) might just be the hot spot in the state when it comes to the tastiest nontraditional tacos.

StrEATs Taco Kitchen in Zeeland, Michigan isn't a Mexican restaurant, they're more of a non-traditional street taco kitchen. Trust me, there's a big difference between the two.

StrEATs Taco Kitchen uses modern culinary techniques combined with traditional ethnic flavors from around the world. From their Asian–inspired Korean Short Rib Taco, Seoulful, to their American Cheeseburger Taco, they've got something that just about everybody will love.

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I haven't even been to StrEATs Taco Kitchen and I can already tell you, their taco menu is out of this world. They have the most unique tacos that I've ever seen.

StrEATs Taco Kitchen Facebook
StrEATs Taco Kitchen Facebook

StrEATs Taco Kitchen:

From the moment the first tortilla was folded around a filling, the taco has been loved by the masses. Here at StrEATs, our take on tacos is a bit different. We like to say our menu includes authentically inauthentic tacos from street corners across the globe. We're not a Mexican restaurant, but a non-traditional street taco kitchen.

They have well over a dozen different tacos to choose from. Let me just break down some of this awesomeness for you.


Amalfi Coast
American Cheeseburger
BBQ Pork Mac & Cheese
El Tradicional
Breakfast Taco
Mexico City Pork
Montego Bay
Niño Taco
Northern Lights
Not Your Mama’s Pot Roast
Smoky Mountain BBQ
Tater Tot Taco

You can find out exactly what is in each of their tacos be drooling over their delicious looking menu.

StrEATs Taco Kitchen Facebook
StrEATs Taco Kitchen Facebook

StrEATs Taco Kitchen first opened in June of 2021 and so far the reviews have been through the roof.

I noticed a couple people of my Facebook page posting about StrEATs Taco Kitchen recently, so I felt I needed to investigate. I'll do more investigation work this summer when I drive over there and try as many tacos as humanly possible.

I don't know if they truly have the best tacos in the state, but I'm more than to willing to find out.

Zeeland, Michigan is roughly 15 minutes west of Holland.

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