I randomly stumbled across this list of the Best Movie Trilogies of all Time today, and as I was reading through it I realized I haven't seen most of the movies on the list.

I am not proud of this fact, I just don't watch a lot of movies. Throughout my adult life, I have usually been the person that smiles and nods their head when someone quotes a famous movie line. Some of these movies I have tried to watch, and I'm just not into. Others I have just never had the desire to even try.

1. The first and probably most embarrassing movie on the list is Harry Potter. I've never seen any of the movies all the way through. It was on TV one weekend and I feel like it played in the background for three days straight, but I never sat down to watch it. I think I was late to see the first one, and by the time a few had been released, it seemed too daunting to catch up.

2. Lord of the Rings. So I have technically seen part of the first movie in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. When the first movie came out in 2001 we went to see it on a field trip. I saw about 15 minutes of it and fell asleep. I'm just not interested.

3. The Matrix. I can't really get into the sci-fi action movies. Plus, does anyone really love Keanu Reeves that much?

4. Indiana Jones. First of all, there are five of these movies. Who has time to watch five movies? Also, the first two movies came out before I was born, so I get a free pass, right?

5. The other movie series on the list that everyone is surprised by is Star Wars. There are nine different Star Wars movies. Just the thought of that is too much for me. Also, they weren't even released in order. I just have never had any interest.

6. Toy Story. I have seen most of the Toy Story Trilogy. I have a brother who is seven years younger than me, so he watched the first one all the time, it was released when he was one. I saw the second one by mistake. We took a bus trip to Cedar Point one year with the station and it got packed by mistake. We watched it, I cried. I would probably like the third one, but I have just never seen it.

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