Are you interested in watching it? Is it too soon? Or will it bring attention to Flint?

Lifetime will be airing the made-for-TV movie on October 28th. The film was shot in Toronto; Cher was originally supposed to be involved in the production but dropped out early on. The film reportedly follows several women in the Flint area who fought to get their voices heard about the crisis.

The film stars Queen Latifah, Jill Scott, Betsy Brandy, Marin Ireland and Lyndie Greenwood.

This might be an unpopular opinion, because we personally know one of the characters portrayed in the film, but so be it. Some people in favor of the film say that it will bring "more attention" to the Flint water crisis. Of course they'd say that; they have stake in the film. And yes, attention is good. But we've played this game in Flint already - we had the eyes of the world on us for almost all of 2016. All the attention, the celebrities, the media, the politicians...and none of it fixed the problem.

It just reeks of profit - people making money off the plight of Flintstones, while those people won't see a dime. Or a change. Or a solution.

For the record, we started an online petition to have the movie filmed in Flint. We received just shy of 14,000 signatures. And we never heard back from Lifetime or Storyline Entertainment. 

Shame on you, Lifetime. You couldn't wait a little longer?

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