Ernie Rospierski, a social sciences teacher at Stoneman Douglas High School, sprang into action when a gunman opened fire on the south Florida school Wednesday afternoon. Ernie and his wife Andrea grew up in Michigan, both graduating in 2002 in Centerline, Michigan.

Rospierski, hose cheek was grazed by one of the gunman's bullets, described the chaotic situation to his mother-in-law Pamela Porter who spoke with WXYZ.

"It was almost dismissal time .. the fire alarm went off. Students were walking out of the classroom and he heard the gunshots. The door had shut behind him and locked .. he couldn't get the kids back in the classroom ... so he pushed them into a small alcove," says Porter.

Porter tells the TV station she is grateful that her loved ones are OK, and that her heart is with the victims' families.


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