Zoo Lion Wants To Eat Baby Through Glass [VIDEO]
This is a very cute video in a creepy sort of way. It's amazing how Jack the baby has no idea that danger lurks just beyond the glass.
This happened at the Oregon Zoo. It's a good thing there's protective glass.
The video tells the whole story.
Enjoy The Zoo With The Family This Summer
Here's a perfect idea for a short family trip this summer - take them to the zoo! Did you know there is a fantastic zoo as close as Lansing? In just a short 40 minutes jaunt, you can share the wonders of animals and nature with the kids at the Potter Park Zoo.
Fun At The Zoo… I’m Not Lion!
This Labor Day was a bit on the chilly side, but it was perfect for a visit to Potter Park Zoo in Lansing.
After riding camels and petting goats, we found ourselves in the presence of the king of beasts.  Not only did this huge Lion catch my eye, but I caught his as well.

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