wheel of fortune

Wheel Rip Off?
He actually mumbled more than mispronounced the word. You be the judge. Some 'Wheel' fans are outraged.
‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Failure Worth Watching
I've always wondered if I would crack under the pressure of being on a game-show on TV. I was always good at playing the games at home, but when you are actually playing on the TV set, it must come with a lot of pressure. Watch this clip and see how badly this poor lady failed when it counted.
‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Easy Win Blown By College Student [Video]
This is so painful to watch! What should have been a no-brainer is turned into an epic fail by this young man playing 'Wheel Of Fortune' in front of his parents, two good college buddies, and everyone watching on television. Watch the video and scream the answer out loud, like I did!

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