Since the Hangman-style game show debuted, 'Wheel of Fortune' hasn't necessarily shown favoritism over the majority of the alphabet, but there are a few letters that seem to constantly get the shaft. Something else that doesn't get enough credit on the show is that poor buzzer. If it's only getting paid by the buzz, you can be sure that when the buzzer drives to work, it parks it's 1983 Chevette right next that conceited bell's brand new BMW.

There's an underground movement that is standing up for that buzzer, and his letter friends, X, Q, and Z who have been pushed to the side all these years. Recent contestant Nura is obviously a part of that movement. I mean think about it. When you're looking at 17 yet-to-be-revealed letters on the 'Wheel of Fortune' board and you're only three guesses into the round, why wouldn't you guess 'Z'?

As much fun as I had writing this article, and adding some feelings to three consonants and a buzz, I must share some insider info on the video. Because our seemingly confused Nura had a pretty healthy lead, there's talk on the interweb that she actually threw that last round to let a veteran have a chance to win some cash. Whether she was feeling sympathetic for the vet or empathetic for the letters, we know that her heart is in the right place! Congrats on the win, Nura!

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