Cats have this ability to play with the laws of physics to maintain their balance. So what happens when you take gravity away from the purring pussy cats?
Operation Skyfall: The First Hamburger in Space [VIDEO]
Five Harvard students took it upon themselves to be the first to launch a hamburger into space. They tied it to a weather balloon along with a camera and a GPS unit. According to their YouTube video, it made it to around 90,000 feet before the balloon popped. They tracked it down in a tree about …
Best Dad Ever Sends Toy Train Into Space
We assumed this guy was the world's worst dad for taking his son's favorite toy and launching it into space. But it turns out he could track it using GPS so that it wouldn't be lost forever, and he is actually the coolest dad on earth because now his kid has a video of his train in sp…
Man Jumps from 13 Miles Up In Space
Roswell, New Mexico is famous for what many believe was the crash site of an alien spacecraft. Now, it has a new reason for fame. Last week, Red Bull-sponsored astronaut Felix Baumgartner jumped out of a space capsule 13 miles above the earth over Roswell, New Mexico and lived to tell the story.

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