When I was a kid, I remember watching in wonder and awe when I saw a space shuttle launch while sitting in my 3rd grade classroom.  I had so many questions about space, and what it takes to get there.  Back then, there were shows like "Mr. Wizard's World" that explained science to kids and that was about it.

Today, not only do we have science shows that are much flashier like "Mythbusters" that make science fun, but school kids can talk to astronauts in space and ask the kind of stuff I was wondered about as a kid, and am still curious about as an adult.

Canadian Space Agency Astronaut Chris Hadfield combines the best of Mr. Wizard and the Mythbusters making learning science fun as he answered questions from school kids from the International Space Station. First question, "Do tears fall in outer space?"

Next question, "How do you wash your hands in outer space?"

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