Baby Naming Contest Was An Internet Hoax
It was reported last week that there was a mother who was letting the internet vote to decide the name of her child. There was of course a price for the naming rights -$5,000. It has now been disclosed that the company holding the contest was at the center of the hoax.
A Group Of Fifth-Graders Promote The Internet In 1995 [VIDEO]
Is this whole internet thing going to work? Wow, 1995 doesn't seen like that long ago but this video sure looks dated. The fifth grade class of 1995 at Ray Bjork Elementary School in Helena, Montana, predicted the awesomeness of the Internet way before their time.
That's right this is pre-…
Will Your Computer Be Kicked off the Internet Monday?
The FBI estimates that 277,000 computers will lose Internet connectivity on Monday, July 9th, when it disables hackers' servers that were designed to steal personal information. If your computer was infected with the DNS Changer malware, you'll stop surfing Monday.
We have a simple test you…
Dead Sea Scrolls Now Online
More than two-thousand years after they were written, the Dead Sea Scrolls have made their way onto the internet. Five of the most important scrolls have been published in an attempt by the custodians to make them available to the public. The scrolls include the biblical book of Isiah, the manuscrip…
NERD ALERT; Now You Can Kiss Over The Internet [VIDEO]
All right, here's another one for the “is it creepy or cool column.” A Japanese laboratory has made a device that lets people 'transmit the feeling of a kiss' over the Internet. It's a machine with a tube coming out, and when you move your tongue aroun…

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