If you are in need of internet access, Clio schools have hooked up free WiFi for you to use.

For those families that are without internet access, don't stress. Parents and students in need of WiFi are now able to head to the Clio High School football field to get it. The new WiFi will be attached to the press box of the football field. This internet access will be available Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. 

If you are trying to use the free WiFi at Clio High School football field, there are two different networks to pick from.

  • If someone is trying to use one of the school district's Chromebooks, they will not need a password. Those Chromebooks will automatically connect to the WiFi network "Cas-Staff." The district's Chromebooks are configured to connect to that network with no password needed.
  • If someone does not have a district Chromebook and wants to use a different device, they will have to hook up to different network. That WiFi network is called "Press-Box" and the password is "gomustangs2020."
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Times are tough and internet is so important to all of us at this point in life. Even though many of us would love to be able to unplug and get off the grid sometimes, we need to keep the kids learning and occupied. It is awesome to see schools going above and beyond for their students and families. It is no secret that we are in a time and place that we have never been before and all we can do is our best to keep the kids learning.


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