Michigan's Real Life 'Willy Wonka's' Treasure Quest
Chocolate bars and winning tickets! You've probably seen the movie about the eccentric Willy Wonka and his golden ticket giveaway, but now the tickets are silver, and it's a real life Wonka right here in Michigan.
Johnny’s Treasure Quest is underway and people across Mi…
He Set The ‘Gold Standard’ For Collecting
The phrase, "Money can't buy happiness" certainly doesn't apply to Walter Samasko Jr. When authorities is Carson City, Nevada found his remains, they also found over $7 million dollars in gold. Where did it all come from?
Gold Rush in New York City Streets [VIDEO]
Raffi Stepanian struck gold by ‘mining’ the sidewalks in Manhattan’s Diamond District for the tiny bits of gold, platinum and rare gems that fall from the clothes of workers when they leave their shops. His discovery nets him around $300 a day.