Qualified for the Olympics AND having a movie made about her life? Best week ever!

Congratulations to Flint native Claressa Shields who, last night, on her 21st birthday, qualified for her second Olympic games.

Not only that, but the night before, she found out that Universal has bought the rights to a movie about her! Best week EVER!

"I'm excited and now all I can think is, 'Who's going to play me in the movie?'" Shields told The Flint Journal. "I think Ice Cube should play (my ex-trainer) Jason (Crutchfield), and KeKe Palmer should play me."

Last night, she beat Yenebier Guillen of the Dominican Republic to secure her spot at the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio. This will be her second trip to the games, after she made history as the first 17-year-old female boxer to win gold in London in 2012.

You can watch her qualifying fight below. She starts at approximately 1 hr 38 minutes in. Congrats, girl! You're exactly the kind of local hero that Flint needs right now! I'm a pretty big Olympics junkie, so no doubt I'll be following her journey closely. Get it get it!

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