Is Your State Paying the Most for Electricity?
Turning up the dial on your thermostat in the fall and winter months is bound to add major coin to your electric bill, so you power through. Unless you live in Utah, and then you really have nothing to worry about, according to new data released this week.
Michigan City Turns Off The Lights
We all know that Flint has faced dire economic conditions for some time, but in Highland Park, Michigan, it has gotten so bad that they can't pay the electric bill. So, they turned out the street lights. Not only did they turn them off, they had them ripped out - bulb, poles and all. In the end, 1,0…
Some Genesee County Residents Still Without Power
GENESEE COUNTY, Michigan — There are still 700 Consumers Energy customers in Genesee County without power after the strong winds of the past few days, according to a press release.
About 95,000 customers statewide are without power.
Crews will continue to restore power throughout the day
via 700 …