Woman’s Death Could Be Caused By Soda Addiction
We've all known people with all kinds of addictions and this latest one has resulted in death. A woman in New Zealand was addicted to Coca-Cola and experts say her consumption of over two gallons of coke a day probably contributed to her death.
To Russia With Coke
Coca-Cola announced this week that they are investing another $3 billion in Russia over the next five years. It is all part of the expansion of Coke into markets where it expects to get an increased revenue share. Coke had  already invested at least $3 billion before the announcement of this ne…
Spanish Man Claims Family Invented Coca-Cola
You can't beat the real thing, but you can take credit for inventing it.
A man in the small Spanish town of Ayelo is taking credit for Coca-Cola, claiming his family is responsible for creating the world's most popular soft drink.