Because what else is there to do right now?

Oak Park resident Jason Vreeland is taking a step in a new direction during the quarantine - he's now in the restaurant business.

He and his wife Amanda have been feeding squirrels in their yard for some years now, so he took a leap of faith and constructed a teeny, tiny restaurant for the "regulars," complete with a menu: mixed seeds, stale pizza crust, raw peanuts for the entree and softened apples for dessert.

James calls it Maison De Noix, which is French for "nut house." Yes, it streams live. And yes, there are other "visitors" to Maison De Noix including blue jays and cardinals.

This is the entertainment that we didn't know we needed right now. Thank you, James. I may have cried while watching the squirrels enjoy their breakfast.

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