School officials in Flushing, Clarkston, Howell, and Pinckney are warning parents about an app that contains uncensored pornographic images and bullying. 'After School' is available for Apple devices, and because it allows anonymous postings, is quickly gaining popularity among teens.

One area teen is spearheading a campaign to have the app removed from Apple's iTunes store. Juliana Davis is a senior at Swartz Creek High School, and tells ABC-12 she sees evidence that classmates are being hurt by what is being posted.

"A lot of students were being told to kill themselves, students accused of sleeping together, students being told they will be hurt after school. I was in my leadership class and it was brought to my attention that the app was causing problems in other schools and it started to cause problems in ours and I really was just walking around, there are kids crying, really upset and I knew something needed to be done."

You can click here and here to sign the online petitions that Juliana has created.

A Howell teen's father tells Fox 2 that many students are being picked on and victimized, and says that a group of parents are also petitioning Apple to disassociate from the app.


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