This will be my life for the next few days.

We fired up the generator early this morning in order to power the refrigerators, the sump and water pumps, and of course the coffee maker. I've already been asked if we can hook up the WiFi tonight.

Basement Watchdog
G. McIntyre

This was one of our best investments.

It's a Basement Watchdog backup pump that empties our sump pit in the event of a power outage or pump failure. If you have a basement with a pit, get one. (I'm not being paid to endorse this product, it's just something I'm really glad we have.)

Tens of thousands of people are without power as high winds and storms rolled through Mid-Michigan. Consumers Energy and DTE report that Genesee and Lapeer Counties have the highest numbers of customers without power.

  • Genesee: 13,449
  • Shiawassee: 8,795
  • Huron: 5,000
  • Lapeer: 12,000
  • Tuscola: 6,000
Some customers (including myself) have been told to expect power to be restored by Thursday (11/22) at 11 pm, while others report they could be without electricity until Saturday.

Although there is plenty of damage in our area, parts of Illinois have been hardest-hit. Take a look at raw video of storms that ripped through that state here.

To see the latest estimates for power restoration, visit Consumers Energy or DTE Energy's websites.

Consumers Energy
Consumers Energy

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