So are you tired of tossing your whole paycheck at Starbucks and wish you could have an unlimited supply of Starbucks for life? Well your holiday's just got brighter.

The coffee giant is bringing back their annual Starbucks for Life holiday contest for 2019.  Starbucks will award five grand prize winners with others getting secondary prizes. The grand prize winners will receive a lifetime daily credit that can be redeemed for any food or beverage of their choosing.  Keep in mind that lifetime in Starbucks world  is 30 years.

Even if you don't score the big prize there is a nice assortment of others holidays perks. Secondary prizes include a free Starbucks product each day for a year or for six months. Some winners will also get movie tickets, rewards credit, or a video game console.

Looking to walk away with all the latte's and frappuccinos  you desire? First step is you have to join Starbucks’ rewards program. Then you will be able to enter twice a day by either making a purchase with your registered Starbucks card or through the app.

If your wondering exactly how much the grand prize adds up to, let us do the math for you. The average beverage at Starbucks sets you back about $6.00. This little award will work out over 30 years, (if you drink it every single day), to about $65,000 or so worth of savings on your java. By then the barista may actually get your name right on your cup. Cheers!

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