You'd think the first 100 people were getting a free pony or something. 
C'mon now. After a nasty, two-year-long election that split our country in half, what did you expect? Civility?? *snort* The video above comes to us from Modesto, California, from the Vintage Faire Mall...on Thanksgiving. Yep, they couldn't even contain their anger until the next morning. Maybe they all got drunk at dinner and started talking politics?

Here's a Nike store in Tulalip, Washington, that was left in shambles after the BF crowds.

This little gem is from an unknown Walmart.

  And who knows where this one is from, but punches are thrown.

And finally, enter the cops.

Ahhhh, Black Friday. Where we fight each other for material goods less than 24 hours after being thankful for what we have.