The family is raising money to pay for the dog's training in the hopes that he can eventually live with them full-time.

Kinley Fox is 6-years-old and has been having silent seizures for years, and that's not her only health hurdle. She's deaf, has deaf, has cerebral palsy, pontocerebellar hypoplasia, short bowel syndrome and epilepsy. She had a severe seizuire in May that landed her in the hospital for three days.

She's been getting to know Flash, a German Shepherd puppy who is in training to be a seizure-detecting dog. He's being trained to alert her parents when starts to have an episode. Right now, they're raising money to pay for Flash's training and eventually, they hope that he can live with them permanently.

They held a coed softball tournament at Union City Fields in Flint Township on Saturday and also have an ongoing GoFundMe for the cost of Flash. You can donate HERE.

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