sloan museum sit-down strike exhibit

This week marks the 75th anniversary of the Sit-Down Strike in Flint. In late December of 1936, workers at Fisher Body #1 became part of what has been called the most significant strike in American labor history. These workers were fighting for recognition of their union, the United Auto Workers, and to keep their jobs from going to non-union workers. The strike lasted 44 days and the workers won the right to be represented by the UAW.
The Sloan Museum has a permanent exhibit dedicated to this important event in labor history and Flint history. The exhibit tells the story of the struggles of the workers as well as what was happening in the offices of General Motors through videos, hands-on activities and displays. It is a compelling piece of history, and is well worth the visit to remember all that took place 75 years ago right here in Flint. The Sloan Museum is located at 1221 East Kearsley Street in Flint, and is open daily. For more information, visit