It was a scary moment for a busload of junior high students in Shelby Township when a slab of ice came off the top of a semi-truck and crashed through the windshield of the school bus.

“I heard the bus driver scream,” seventh-grader Sebastian Strzelczyk, who was sitting behind the driver, told WDIV. “I look up and the entire glass was broken.”

The driver and one of the students were injured in the ordeal and taken to a local hospital.

Parents are praising the driver for pulling the bus off the road and keeping the kids safe.

“I don’t know how you can get hit in the face with ice and then safely pull the bus over, and they were 5 feet from a tree,” Kyle Winn said. “So she’s the real hero, to have the mind and the care to go through that and somehow save the bus and pull it to the side of the road with nothing else happening. She’s a hero.”

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