There's a fine line between an adrenaline junkie and a suicidal maniac. Luke Aikins likes to walk that line. He's accomplished some death-defying, record-setting, heart-stopping feats in the past, but his next venture will blow your mind.

He plans to jump from 25,000 feet armed with oxygen and GPS, but with no parachute. Let me run that by you one more time... NO PARACHUTE!!! Aikins and his team have constructed a 100 x 100 foot deceleration net that he will aim for... from 25,000 feet!

His attempt will be broadcast live to the world later this year, but here's a question: What happens if the deceleration net doesn't work? Or worse, what if he misses the net completely? Will they actually broadcast him hitting the ground like a bug hitting a windshield? Again, that's just a worst case scenario.

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