I was a huge fan of Dallas and Falcon Crest (which was a spin-off of Dallas), and now there is another classic prime-time soap heading to the big screen. Dynasty creator Richard Shaprio says the movie, a prequel to the hit 80s soap, will be set in the 60s.  "It's not the wild and crazy 60s, but the early Kennedy years,"  he said.  The story will focus on Blake's (John Forsythe) discovery that he's heir to the Carrington empire and his love for Alexis (Joan Collins).  Erin and I were talking about 80s television shows and movie remakes as to if they really work - they must because they keep making them.

Also in the works a big screen version of Dallas starring John Travolta as J.R. Ewing and Ghostbusters, starring the original cast, they better hurry with that one, the original cast is getting old.