Since the first bus went on a route to shuttle students to school, school buses have not been required to have seat belts. Buses are much safer than the average vehicle, and are designed to keep kids safe, even in an accident. But despite all the safety features, there is a new nationwide push to get seat belts on buses nationwide following more and more school bus rollovers.

Only six states in the U.S. require all school buses to be outfitted with seat belts, and refitting all existing buses with seat belts won't be cheap. And what about the youngsters in kindergarten, first and second grade who haven't yet mastered belt buckling? Someone will have to make sure they get belted in, and stay belted in. So in addition to the belts themselves, districts that don't have bus monitors will have to cover the added cost somehow.

Yes, it will be an expensive ordeal, but the bottom line is that it will save the lives of our children. What do you think?




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